About Maanne

I’ve deleted two of my blog sites and decided to create a fresh new blog. Writing has been a part of me since I was 10. I’ve written whatever my mind rants and raves though at times I’m having word clotting.

Word clotting- just like blood clotting? (I made that up.sorry. :D) it creates a bruise inside me that I could’t find the right words to write down.
Now that I'm this twenty-something woman, my brain must have been immune to word clotting that I write and write and write.

This year, I vow and I promise myself that whatever rants and raves I have, I wouldn’t ignore one of my friends who always listened. My blog. 

I am an ex-barista of Starbucks Philippines. I write. I am a lomographer.I am an event organizer.I am a blogger.I am taking charge of my life.I am taking life one step at a time.

Aside from blogging that’s taking my time, I go out of the house and push myself to run. Still pushing myself to run more and join experienced runners. I’m going back to lomography and do my very own lomo walk. I'm back to one of the things that made helped me discover my love for events which is event planning. I was never a teacher but I like sharing my knowledge so yes, I teach English as a second language to Japanese. 

Anyone can comment,All are welcome to subscribe. You can blog here too as my guest blogger. It would be great to have someone to talk and share to whatever that comes to our mind. 

For guest blogging and invites, email me at maannedc@gmail.com or just click on my twitter follow button and leave a message. ;) Looking forward! 

Alright! Have fun blogging! 

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