Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams : 1951-2014

I woke up this morning reading the news that one of the artist that I admire passed away.

I don't usually go drama over a celebrity who passed away. Today is different, my heart is one of those mourning for a great artist who made my childhood memorable.

Genie, we sang your song (Friend Like Me) with so much glee when my cousins, brother and sisters were growing up. It was a favorite before A Whole New World. You were indeed everyone's friend.

Mr. John Keating. The first person who taught me to 'carpe diem'.. to seize the day. To stand on a desk in order for me to see things differently.

Dr. Patch Adams. Indeed you taught us that...Laughter is the best medicine.

Peter Pan. You grew up but still there was that child in you. And I loved you for that. Tinkerbell and Wendy will be missing you a lot.

To all the characters you portrayed, inspiration and laughter is what you brought us.

You are now free, Genie in the lamp. You have seized the day with what God blessed you with and you cured our sadness with laughter. Those who admired and loved you will see you again in.. Neverland.

May you rest in peace.

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