Friday, February 1, 2013

The Cool Girl

I will always be that cool girl..
the girl who will always be every guy’s 
best bud…
but never a guy’s special one.”

This is me. I’ve always known it. :) I’m used to it. I’m happy for my friends who is a guy’s special one. 
Why? Because they deserve it. They deserve to be special to someone. Not only because they are beautiful on the outside, they also have a beautiful soul. 
As for me. I don’t know,… because I will always be the girl who my guy friends will run to for a bottle of beer, a shot of tequila, a shoulder their arms can rest to, someone who they can call on the phone or on Skype because they’re bored. Someone who they call the cool one. 
That’s me. The cool girl. 

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