Friday, February 8, 2013

A chat with self

Alter-Ego: I just need that 20 seconds to tell him, He did his part. I think I should do mine.
Maanne: And Imagine what will happen after…. *shakes head* I suggest, just keep quiet.
Alter-Ego: What if someone gets to him first?
Maanne: Face it. He lives a thousand miles, it will take long for you to get together. when that time comes when you’re ready to fly and meet him again, everything’s too late. 
Alter-Ego: I miss him.
Maanne: Does he miss you? no. End of conversation.
Alter-Ego: He did his part. He confessed how he feels. You were there! You heard him! You saw his eyes!
Maanne: Yes I was and I saw and heard….but how sure are you?look… do you still see him online on skype? no. does he send you a message now? no. does he still call or tells you that he will call? no. So stop it. Let’s move on. Let’s not get hurt again.
Alter-Ego: *sighs and holds back tears…hugging the pillow*
Maanne: *sighs and holds back tears but goes on with her errands and workout* …cmon.. let’s chill!

This conversation actually happened. 

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